Home of Hope after the Terrorist attacks

How is everyone at Home of Hope doing after the attacks on Easter Sunday? Together with the Rehabilitation Center and Home of Hope NL, we will answer this question as well as possible. 

Of course, everyone at Home of Hope is schocked by the events of Easter Sunday. Now, normal life is slowly getting back on track as government buildings, schools, and churches are reopening their doors. The Home of Hope children have not been to school since Easter. Sharmini occasionally organizes “theme days”, such as career day or sport day, to keep the children occupied and distracted. The children really enjoy these days, so that’s great. Sharmini has yet to decide when the children can go back to school. 

The Dutch interns at the Rehabilitation Center HoH went back to The Netherlands, because of the current travel advice from the Dutch government. Unfortunately, they will have to complete their internships from there. The Rehabilitation Center will remain open and the little patients can still go to their appointments. They are now treated only by the Sti Lankan staff, without the help of the Dutch interns Physiotherapists Ali and his two colleagues are very busy but are keeping everything under control.

For Home of Hope and the medical center, it’s extremely important to maintain a good relationship with the government. It is important for the children to feel safe in a place where they are taken care of, where they can tell their story, and where they get a feeling of love and belonging. Sri Lankan child protection services visited Home of Hope after Easter and told us how grateful they are that we are taking care of the children during this time of turmoil in the country. We would like to thank everyone for the sweet messages and words of encouragement we received. We will keep you updates on any new developments. We sincerely hope that you will continue to support us, especially in these turbulent times! 

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