The new building for the special school is ready!

The new project at Home of Hope is called “special school”: a small school for 50 children with a disability. The children of Home of Hope go to regular schools in the area as much as possible, but that is not for everyone. Three children are so disadvantaged that they can only go to a school with an adapted education. This is minimally developed in Sri Lanka. That is why a school has been set up at Home of Hope for children with special needs .

This special school was housed in the computer lab last year, but recently has its own building that was built with the help of a wonderful donation from one of our Dutch sponsors. In addition to the 3 children of Home of Hope, the school is visited by patients from the Rehabilitation Center, who go to school on the day they are treated at Home of Hope. Under normal circumstances, around 30 students can be found every day in the new school building, which will hopefully be festively opened later this year.

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